Meal and community

For the authors of the Gospels (however much did they disagree with each other) and the early Christian communities (however different they were), the shared meal was at the centre. The major change happened in the understanding of the nature of God and his presence - God moved (to overgeneralize) from the temple setting to the setting of a common meal. As we read from the Gospels and NT scholars, Jesus himself saw the importance of meals together and praying together with his disciples. And the breaking of bread was the most intuitive ritual to express the simplicity of God and communion. The author of the 4th Gospel writes: Jesus says to eat the flesh and drink the blood of a "Son of Man"(a Semitic phrase meaning human, person, man), probably meaning to accept and take him as a person, accept God through him as a normal human being. Our ancestors ate manna from heaven (a miraculous act of God, who still maintains the distance between him and humanity) and died. But through

Green travel

One of the biggest reasons our earth is suffering from a climate crises is because of the harsh and careless travel habits people (mainly in the western world) have developed over the years. Of course, convenient and affordable travel also has many benefits, and it is hardly fair to say that people wanting to see the world or just trying to get to their day job have sinister intentions when they choose to fly or drive. However, the hypermobile culture we have created has dire effects on the atmosphere and our environments.  Here are some basic facts about our destructive travel habits. Information is taken from  ( ) : Around 2.4%  of global CO2 emissions come from aviation. Together with other gases and the  water vapor trails produced by aircraft , the industry is responsible for  about 5%  of global warming... ...A return flight from London to San Francisco emits around 5.5 tonnes of CO2

Trust the process

Last year's term ended. Four months with up and downs. Let's review what we accomplished. We have a variety of goals for our project that we hope to achieve.  Therefore , we have a focus on our different activities during the week as well as on ourselves.  Except of learning to live in a different country with people you don't know before, we gain a lot of other competences.   Living in Sweden involves speaking a language other than your native tongue. By using both English and Swedish as our primary communication languages, we are able to strengthen our multilingual skills. We also use language to develop our social, personal, and learn to learn skills. This involves the ability to cope with  uncertainty , constructive interaction with others, and awareness of ourselves. By writing in our blogs and journals, we develop our ability to express ourselves as well as gain a digital understanding. We also increase our ability to put ideas into action. A previous idea is to open